About Us

Simmons Consulting takes pride in offering integrated strategies, solutions, systems and services that address the requirements of our client’s industrial automation needs with favorable terms.  We work with you to conceptualize, design and implement the appropriate automation solution.  You will be able to boost your business potential by hiring a dedicated team of experienced engineers that will help you manage your engineering projects or off manufacturing solutions.  Simmons Consulting offers customized solutions for businesses and individuals and we get the job done done right and on-time.

Our approach to any task ensures that we will offer a solution that will suit your business well.  We take full responsibility for the results we deliver.

Our Services

  • High-quality CAD services  3D Models of your project, viewable on your computer.  These allow you to test the final product for fit and function before making physical prototypes.  You can see and rotate the 3D designs to view it from all angles, right on your computer screen.  The use of this technology improves and shortens the development process and reduces costs.
  • Mechanical engineering services  We can provide individual components to complete “turnkey” automation systems.
  • Electrical engineering services
  • Drawing and drafting services
  • Engineering consulting services  Licensed Mechanical Engineering Expertise.  We provide daily updates on the progress of your progress
  • The Highest Quality Protyping
  • Tooling Quotes

Please contact us with any inquiry you might have and one of our representatives will be in touch with you to provide immediate assistance.