Servo (Kinetix) Maintenance and Troubleshooting


3 days


  • To provide students with skills required to diagnose common problems on a Kinetix 6000 system.
  • Students will practice operating and troubleshooting the system through hands on learning.  Employing methods such as fault tables, system LED’s and other indicators.
  • Students will practice identifying faults related to hardware and software by useing fault code tables, system led’s and other status indicators.


  • Ability to perform basic Microsoft Windows tasks: using a mouse, browsing files, opening, closing, sizing, and moving windows
  • Knowledge of basic logic instructions.
  • 1 year of using RSLogix 5000 or completion of one or more RSLogix classes.

Tailored for

  • Maintenance and engineering personnel


  • Identify Kinetix systems components
  • Connect a Kinetix servo system
  • Interpret kinetix 6000 system LED’s and status indicators
  • Analyze fault codes
  • Interpret and monitor motion instructions in a RSLogix 5000 project
  • Interpret fault routines
  • Troubleshoot general Kinetix 6000 system problems