2 days


  • To teach students to successfully design and configure an efficient DeviceNet Network.
  • Configure a Scanner Module.
  • Cable system design.
  • Hands on DeviceNet exercises
  • Show students the tools necessary adding and replacing DeviceNet devices.

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who needs to maintain or design DeviceNet systems.


  • Ability to perform basic Microsoft Windows tasks: using a mouse, browsing files, opening, closing, sizing, and moving  windows.
  • Knowledge of RSLogic instructions.
  • At least 1 year of hands on RSLogix or equivalent experience -OR- completing 1 or more RSLogix training programs.

Tailored for

  • Maintenance and Engineering personnel


  • Identify network components
  • Create a DeviceNet network configuration
  • Commission nodes on a DeviceNet network
  • Configure a scanner module
  • Manage DeviceNet EDS files
  • Map inputs and outputs
  • Troubleshooting a DeviceNet network
  • Troubleshooting using fault codes