ControlLogix Fundamentals and Ladder Logic Programming


Four plus days


  • To provide programmers with a basic understanding of RSLogic 500 ladder logic instructions and terminology.
  • Familiarize students with the use of RSLogic 5000 software to perform basic tasks.
  • Give users hands on experience with CompactLogix and ControlLogix controllers.

Who should attend

  • Individuals who have little controller esperience and need todraft ladder logic.
  • No current working experience with Logix 5000 needed.


  • Ability to perform basic Microsoft windows tasks.  Using a mouse, browsing files, opening, closing, sizing and moving windows.
  • Knowledge of basic logic instructions.

Tailored For

  • Beginning engineering personnel


  • Identify System and Software components
  • Identify RSLogix 5000 software components
  • Create and modify a project
  • Transfer a project file to controller
  • Configure local I/O tags
  • Connect to a network and communicate with a controller
  • Identify local I/O tags
  • Create tags and monitor data
  • Enter ladder logic
  • Monitor GSV/SSV instructions
  • Force I/O and toggle bits
  • Troubleshoot controller, digital I/), analog I/O, and remote I/O problems
  • Understand move instructions
  • Understand compute and math instructions
  • Understand compare instructions
  • Understand program control instructions